Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Day...Another...Oh

No proper episode blog today. Tut, Tut. Life got in the way unfortunately, as it will.

I did manage to get the first two episodes of the Android Invasion in but the rest will wait for Friday, alongside The Brain of Morbius and The Dalek Invasion of Earth Movie...a great fan trailer for it is here:

Both Morbius and Dalek Invasion are, of course, part of The Madoc article prep. I'm seriously considering organising a summer Madocfest...find a pub, gather some likeminded geeks & pay proper homage to The Madoc. Any takers? Or just me...answers on a postcard.

Anyway more story specific stuff tomorrow but before I go there were two addendums I wanted to make to previous blogs:

Revenge of the Cybermen - I was quite down on this story, which is fine but I failed to credit one thing. The scenes inside the real caves - Wookey Hole I believe - looked great, particularly when the silver of the Cybermen was contrasted with the brown-black of the caves and shadows.

Pyramids of Mars - One thing I did like and again failed to mention was Dudley Simpson's excellent score, which added to the atmosphere. Some of it is available - was (?) - on a Silva Screen album called 'The Pyramids of Mars'. It's a collection of Simpson's music from Doctor Who put together by Mark Ayres from the original scores if I remember rightly. Not sure if it is still available but well worth a listen if your that way inclined.

I would like to thank whoever drew my attention to this excellent Pyramids of Mars list-article but their comment was, alas, anonymous:

It contains some good material for geek discussion.

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