Monday, March 7, 2011

A Blog in Search of a Story

Today I've been watching 'The Power of Kroll'. This is because I'm writing an article for The Terrible Zodin fanzine on the Doctor Who work of The Madoc.

This means there's no individual blog today. I'll save my opinions on this story until it's rightful place in Season 16.

Tomorrow I'll be back on track with 'Planet of Evil', which should be fun.

I'm also watching 'The Web Planet' in preparation for more articles for The Terrible Zodin. I am trying to explain why this story is a work of staggering genius.

I find it a bit weird now jumping between Doctors and Seasons. The one 'advantage' to watching Doctor Who in order is that you can get used to the vibe of a particular production team.

I certainly found watching Hartnell more fun as a result because I found myself getting used to the glacial pace of most 60s television. It also meant that the jump to colour at the start of the Pertwee season had a real impact.

It'll be even more of a shock when Matt Smith's second season starts, which rumour has it will be on or around Easter which time I shall be in the midst of Peter Davison's first season, if things go according to my hideously complex plan.

Anyway that's it for today.

Tomorrow...we meet on the Planet of Evil. Danger: Prentis Hancock.

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