Saturday, April 2, 2011

Excuses, Hopes & Confessions

There's been no blo for a few days. There's reasons for this: distractions of real life cropped up & also my football team (Brentford FC) are at Wembley on Sunday afternoon playing Carlisle in the JPT final & my brain can only cope with one obsession at a time.

I also have a confession.

The next story up is 'Invasion of Time', a six parter & for the first time I've let negative fan vibes about the story put me off watching it, which is odd because up until now reputation hasn't effected my keenness to watch stories at all.

This time it has. Maybe it is just because it has coincided with additional life distractions or perhaps it is because I've watched this story before & am aware of some of its foibles.

Whatever the reasons, there is an 'Invasion of Time' block going on. It's scheduled in for Tuesday now due to the tribulations of my 'proper' life.

Meanwhile there has been lots of interesting new season Doctor Who stuff appear over the last week.

A proper trailer from the BBC & a different one for BBC America.

This is the BBC one:

This is the BBC America one:

These trailers (along with casting rumours & set reports) set the fan theorising into full whirlwind. The main issue, of course, is who River Song will turn out to be.

I've reached the point where I don't care anymore except that I don't want to find myself sitting there post-reveal feeling like I've been cheated.

There's been enough build up from Moffat to make me think he's confident in the character. Just don't be unnecessarily cheesy please.

My favourite bit of the BBC trailer btw is the 'fear me I've killed hundreds of Timelord's exchange'

Any way that's it for today. Tomorrow, Wembley Stadium.

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