Friday, August 5, 2011

Doctor Who & The Missing Blog

I thought a wee update was due as I haven't posted anything on my blog for AGES. I'm sorry about that. This is what happens when you have to work for a living. As that great philosopher Ilya Kuryakin once said when asked if he were free: "No man who works for a living is truely free, but I am available."

So lots has happened on the Doctor Who front. The new - or second half - of the series starts on August 27th & I have to say all the trailers released recently make it look like it'll be jolly exciting. I'm continuely impressed with Matt Smith as the Doctor. He's managed to make me forget how young he is.

All the latest trailers can be found here:

I can see from the extend trailer for Episode 11 that someone has been watching the Shining recently but I like the slightly surreal creepiness of it all.

Also worthy of praise & mention is television's Craig Ferguson who is doing an excellent job of introducing & enthusing about Doctor Who to the USofA via his Late, Late Show. This clip is brilliant

Other clips can be found of Craig's interviews with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan & Alex Kingston on YouTube. I say give the man a part in Doctor Who as a thank you for his unstinting efforts to pimp the show USways.

A quick mention to for the geektastic re-prints of a handful of Classic Target novelisations. These are wonderful & should find a place on the shelves of any Doctor Who fan. Available from all good bookshops & Amazon.

There seems to be a real effort going on with the Doctor Who books. These Target re-prints (which I hope will be the first of many, followed/joined by re-prints/Kindle editions of the Doctor Who New Adventures in my dreams) are great & there's the hard back new novelisations by people like Michael Moorcock, Naomi Alderman, Alistair Reynolds & Stephen Baxter. Then there's the interesting news that Gareth Roberts is working on novelising Douglas Adams's 'Shada' to. The future of Doctor Who books is looking rosy.

Then there's Private Eye's regular Doctor Who contributions. Tales of production type woes that the Moff has been very dismissive of. There does seem to be a bit of an issue about how many episodes & when we'll get them for next season but whether that's because of cock-up (Private Eye) or cunning plan (The Moff) we shall have to wait and see.

At least we know who River Song is now.

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