Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm Sorry...Part the Tenth has been a long time since I updated this blog.

I'm so, so sorry.

But life sometimes just gets in the way.

However there will be an update very, very soon. I promise.

No, really. Honestly.

I'll be back on the trail of the Tenth Doctor with The Impossible Planet & The Satan Pit. I'll catch up on the Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller whilst trying to sneak in a couple of new Big Finish reviews, starting with new Fourth Doctor & Romana I adventure, 'The Sands of Life' and - probably next week - the first two adventures in the Big Finish-AudioGo 'Destiny of the Doctors' series. Or maybe the week after.

We've also got the excitement of the forthcoming new season (as of Easter Weekend), which will feature Cybermen (in a Neil Gaiman script) and Ice Warriors. In a submarine. This may also be fun. I'm looking forward to seeing Matt Smith back in action.

Then there is Mark Gatiss's 'An Adventure in Time & Space', which has been fully cast and began filming a couple of weeks back. This will form part of Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary. We are still waiting to see how the 50th Anniversary will pan out properly and rumour, counter-rumour and more blinking rumours fly around the place.

The only thing I'm prepared to believe will be when stuff is broadcast. Up until then it is the interests of the BBC, the Moff and etcs to keep things close to their chests. And I have made it a principal to not believe any actor because even if they were going to be in it, they wouldn't say would they. I shall wait patiently to see.

We do know that Big Finish are doing a special with all the surviving Classic Doctors: The Light At The End , which should be fun. Whilst they also announced changes to their Doctor Who ranges with the launch of the Early Adventures and an end to The Companion Chronicles. The latter is a shame as of the stories I've heard this has been amazingly good but everything changes and all is in flux.

I'm sure there's more to come, including various degrees of Doctor Who merchandising tat. Some of which we'll want, some of which we'll laugh at. I'm still amazed there's no 11 Doctors underpants a la the Tom Baker pair. I suspect there will be pretty much everything else though so buckle down you wallets folks and get ready for 2013.

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