Monday, April 22, 2013

Normal Service etc


Well there's been another of those Patient Centurion gaps since I finished 'Voyage of the Damned'. This is likely to continue until the first May bank holiday.

There are reasons. Some good, some less good.

Basically after a rush of lots of New Doctor Who I found myself a bit Doctor Whoed out, which is a bit of a surprise plus 'Voyage of the Damned' was a bit of a chore. Add real life issues and a total lack of focus and an escaped mojo then I need a break.

Obviously though I've been watching the new Doctor Who series with Matt Smith & Jenna Louise-Coleman. Mostly I've enjoyed it. I'm still a bit tired of the Moff tropes (and have had one or two interesting discussion re. sexism and Doctor Who) but Matt Smith and Jenna Louise have kept me watching.

Matt Smith is the best thing about The Moff's period as showrunner, as I've said before.

I enjoyed both Neil Cross stories (and not just because us Cross's stick together), although I'm aware that The Rings of Akhatan has divided fan opinion a tad. I liked it though so there. Nice to see the Ice Warriors return in Cold War and I'm hoping that's not the last we see of them, especially as they're one of Doctor Who's more nuanced races.

We're building up to the 50th Anniversary special and frankly I'm less bothered about the BBC's own celebration than Big Finish's. I'm hoping for surprises and twists from the BBC but if the no Doctor's before 10 turns out to be true then I'll be a tad disappointed.

I wonder whether this isn't so much of a Moff decision - although trying to write a story that would work with all the Doctor's in it whilst explaining why they're getting old must be a bloody difficult ask - than a BBC one. I do wonder sometimes if the Moff gets the flak for decisions made above him.

I suppose we'll find out when someone write's a warts & all book about New Who a la the recently published 'JNT: His Scandalous Life & Times'. I look forward to it with baited breath.

I should take an opportunity to pimp Contact Has Been Made, which features an article by me on The Horns of Nimon so well worth a quid, especially as there's lots of other interesting stuff in there.

Big Finish meanwhile are continuing there attempts to bankrupt me by releasing lots of fantastic Doctor Who (and Blake's 7) material but of most interest is The Light at the End , which is their 50th Anniversary Special and if up to the usual high standards of Big Finish* I suspect it will be rather brilliant. I'll review it at some point.

Perhaps though the thing I'm most looking forward to is Mark Gatiss's An Adventure in Space & Time the drama outlining the creation and development of Doctor Who. The sets look amazing and I've got my fingers crossed this will be brilliant.

Anyway my focus for the rest of the week is on Brentford v Doncaster Rovers in the final game of the season. Winner gets promoted. I'm hoping it'll be Brentford.

Be seeing you.

*Hopefully that bit of creeping to Big Finish will pay off one day. ;-)

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