Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Entropy Increases etc

Once more I have been remiss with the updates. For which I crave forgiveness. I've been very busy. Life, the Universe and everything tends to get in the way of all the best intentions.

Rest assured after this break I'll be back with 'Midnight'. Thence onwards and upwards through the final end of the Tenth Doctor and into the Eleventh. Then...well I'm not sure. I have an idea or two but we shall see.

I'm open to suggestions. I'm definitely going to do (at some stage) Torchwood, The Sarah-Jane Adventures + The Virgin New Adventures.

I'm also going to go back and blog the stories I've not yet individually blogged so that's all the Hartnell & Troughton stories plus the first Pertwee season. Obviously that will involve a lot of listening to audio or watching reconstructions (unless the rumours about bucket loads of lost stories arriving from Africa turn out to actually be true.)

I had a vague plan about doing 'Season One' in all its forms: television, audio, Big Finish, Telos, Target, Missing Adventures etc etc ad infinitum. But I'm not sure if that way madness lies.

There's still a lot of stuff out there to look at. I mean Big Finish keep on keeping on creating waves of new material and trying to bankrupt me.

I've got the rest of the 8th Doctor's audios to cover.

It's like a never ending story.

Anyway it'll be fun.

Feel free to make a few suggestions.

Thanks for reading.


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