Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Patient Centurion : What Happens Now?

So having reached The Time of The Doctor the Patient Centurion has hit the present day so what's next? There's two likely strands: blogging the stories that weren't covered previously & blogging the new series when it starts on August 23rd.

If you go back to the first post on The Patient Centurion you'll note I only started blogging the individual stories from Season 8 so I shall be going back to the beginning and covering those stories, from An Unearthly Child to Inferno that I haven't already covered. This will be a slower process as I'm expecting to cover one story a week (roughly) due to real life commitments but that should keep me busy.

Plus I'm intending to do a massive Shada special covering the surviving television material, the McGann audio version, Gareth Robert's novelisation and the Lalla Ward reading of it. This might be a bit of over-kill but it is my blog, my rules. The other likely special will be on The Gunfighters, which I've been working on for a while in a half-arsed way.

I'll also blog immediate post-episode blogs for Series 8. I'll make these spoiler free. I'm obviously excited about Capaldi's Doctor but I'm beginning to worry that I'm letting my expectations reach an impossible to satisfy levels. Perhaps it'll be rubbish. But I can't quite convince myself of that, even though The Moff's still in charge.

I have my issues with The Moff's version of Doctor Who but whilst the BBC remains happy with what he's doing then I can't see him changing. The danger for us - and for The Moff - is that he finds himself turning into the New Doctor Who JNT. However a new Doctor gives The Moff a chance to take the show in a new direction. I'll probably be more concerned if at the end of Series 8 the same Moffat clichés are being trotted out, just with a slight Capaldiesque spin.

I half-jokingly suggested before that Capaldi himself might end up as the next Showrunner. I'm going to suggest it again here, even though it is highly unlikely to ever happen. After all an actor with so much power might be dangerous.

I'll also be starting to blog more Big Finish and Book reviews too. The sister site to this is The Audio Centurion and that's a bit dusty and unloved at the moment. The book reviews will go here in the Patient Centurion blog. I've got a pile to read at the moment, mostly from Miwk Publishing including The Quest For Peddler by Michael Seely, Script Doctor by Andrew Cartmell and Unnatural Selection: The Natural History of the Natural History of Fear by Jim Mortimore.* Plus Telos Publishing's Robert Holmes: A Life in Words by Richard Molesworth. So watch this space for reviews of these books. Eventually.

I'm also hoping, now I've got the equipment properly set up, to add more interviews to the sites. So far only India Fisher has been interviewed. I hope to add some more soon.

Finally I may also throw in a one-off Podcast when I can find a reason to justify it.

So there you go. A list of plans and schemes. But, as the poet once said, the best laid plans o' mice an' men gang aft agley.

Be seeing you.

*I should declare that Unnatural Selection features a quote from my review on its cover & my full review of the story inside (alongside many others), which obviously makes me a potentially biased reviewer.

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