Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Here We Go Again

So...I've been very remiss with this blog - and with The Audio Centurion - for a while. I stopped blogging Series 8 because I wanted to see how the whole thing unfolded before returning for a re-watch. I'd come to the end of the Classic Series. I'd reached Colditz on the Audio Centurion but then got stuck.

A combination thereafter of laziness, illness, stress, panic and utter fuckwittery means that this blog staggered to a halt.

The good news is I intend to return. And soon.

There's going to be several threads:

1. I hadn't blogged any Classic Doctor Who individually until Terror of the Autons so I'm going back to the beginning and will watch and blog An Unearthly Child to Inferno. I'm going to do this slowly but surely so the objective is to do no more than one story a week. This means it'll probably take about a year to get through the lot. Unless I get really excited watching, say, The Sensorites. There will also be a Shada Special at some point.

2. Re-watching Series 8. I've already watched Deep Breath again. So I may tweak that blog a bit based on that, although I enjoyed it even more on re-watch particularly the scenes between Capaldi and Peter Ferdinando, which had a surprisingly adult tone. I want to try and do that before Series 9 begins, which I'm going to guess will be on Saturday August 28th. I base this on nothing but the fact that this is the Bank Holiday.

3. Getting back on The Audio Centurion trail with Colditz as well as actually writing up my blog for Eye of The Scorpion, which has been unwritten since 22nd September 2014. Yep. A long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away. I'll probably start that in late-June/early July. For practical reasons.

4. I'm going to re-read the Virgin New Adventures & blog a review of each of them. Again this will probably be a bit later in the year and at some point will involve me getting hold of a copy of Lungbarrow without having to sell a kidney. After the Virgin New Adventures will be The Target Books (which I plan to review alongside the recent audiobook versions time and money permitting).

5. Reviewing Series 9. Yep, I'll do post-watch spur of the moment bee in bonnet reviews of the forthcoming series.

6. Specific subject blogs. I'm planning to do a 'History Behind The Historicals' series, starting soon. Honestly. Soon.

All of which should keep me off the streets.

So watch this space.

And yes, that is me in the photo.  I apologise if I freaked you out.