Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

There's not been much Who-ing going on over Christmas here at Patient Centurion Mansions, with the exception of 'The Widow, The Wardrobe and the Whatever', which I watched on Christmas Day. Not my favourite of Christmas specials but perhaps I should be less critical of what is clearly now intend to be the cheesiest and fluffiest episodes of Doctor Who in any given year.

I'm back on the 'Ruthless Doctor Who Watching-Listening Schedule' (TM) from Friday when I'm listening to Paul McGann in 'The Sword of Orion'. For work reasons there will no longer be updates on Mondays or Thursday but the rest of the time I will endeavour to add something.

The New Year sees the release of 'The UNIT Files' on DVD containing Jon Pertwee's excellent 'Invasion of the Dinosaurs' and Tom Baker's less impressive 'The Android Invasion'. My reviews of both stories can be found here and here so feel free to dip in.

Later in January we get a 'The Sensorites' with William Hartnell. I enjoyed this much more the last time I watched it but was not blogging my reviews then. Perhaps when I've bought it on DVD I may add my thoughts on here. Or not.

In the run up to Christmas were rumours of a Doctor Who Movie, which will feature an entirely different cast than the television series. Or it won't. Depending on who you believe, trust or worship. Me, I'll believe it when I see it but actually I've not got too much of a issue about it being a different take on things but as I'll have up to zero influence on the whole thing my opinion is a relevant as the least relevant thing you can currently think of.

Also in 2012 we'll get some new Doctor Who. Probably in the autumn, which I like because to me it is a nights drawing in, cosy warm house type of series but it'll be back rolling in to 2013 and the 50th Anniversary Celebrations. There is much hint dropping going on about what we'll get and much discussion about what we won't get. I'm all for a multiple Doctors story but if we can't have that can we at least give Paul McGann a bit of a run around. I think he deserves something better than The TV Movie. I'd quite like William Russell or Carole Ann Ford (although I know the latter will be tougher to explain away to a new Who audience but it could be fun). Anyway enough of wish lists at this time of New Year's Resolutions.

Here's to 2012 anyway...may it bring happiness, joy to you and a Leela action figure to me on my birthday.

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