Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Saturday at The Who Shop

The Patient Centurion meets Michael Troughton

On Saturday I spent a couple of delightful hours at 'The Who Shop'

I was there to buy Michael Troughton's book about his father, Patrick Troughton [Info Here] and get it signed by the author himself. Michael turned out to be a lovely chap, much admired over here at Patient Centurion Mansions for playing Pier Fletcher-Dervish in 'The New Statesman'.

Due to a slight hiccup the signing started a bit late, which meant I spent an hour or so drifting around The Who Shop avoiding its many temptation. Or trying to avoid them anyway. I failed. A bit.

I picked up Elisabeth Sladen's autobiography, 'Blue Box Boy' by Matthew Waterhouse, Anneke Wills' autobiography(s) and a couple of Virgin New Adventures (which I have started to re-read, which is the fault of Jamie of The Terrible Zodin ). I managed to resist the siren call of various toys, even though the Colin Baker 'Blue Costume' figure was calling to me quietly each time I walk past it.

Several of the books I bought are published by Hirst Publishing - see the Patrick Troughton link - who seem to have cornered a niche in Doctor Who memoirs. I may review these at a later point if I can be arsed.

The Who Shop owners & staff were friendly and helpful and if you get a chance pop along & take a quick wander around their little Museum.

Tonight I'll be starting off Sylvester McCoy's era with 'Time and the Rani'.

As a guide to how this blog is likely to pan out in the future my current plan is as follows:

Watch & review McCoy's era
Watch & review McGann's TV Movie

Then to give a proper overview of McGann's Doctor I plan to listen to and review his Big Finish stories. I'll cut it off at some point & maybe review new ones as & when they are released.

Then it'll be back to television with a review of 'New Who' from Ecclestone to wherever we happen to be with Matt Smith. After that I suspect I'll do an ongoing review of new episodes as & when they are shown.

After that? Big Finish - the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Doctors? The Virgin New Adventures? Ongoing reviews of CD, DVD and TV releases? Retirement?

Whatever I decide the blog continues tonight with 'Time & the Rani.'


  1. can you tell me the address of the shop? Is it on barking road?

  2. Sorry about the delay in replying - comments on this are a pain in the proverbial:

    The Who Shop
    39-41 Barking Road
    Upton Park
    London E6 1PY