Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trial of a Timelord - Before I Start

I am about to begin 'The Trial of a Timelord' and after several minutes of ming-monging have decided that I am going to treat the whole thing as fourteen part epic rather than four seperate stories. I think that's the fairest way to deal with the story. The linking court room scenes make it pretty clear - to me at least - that the whole thing should be viewed as one story, even if there are seperate titles for each bit of it. I think the only other way to do it would have been to do individual story blogs and then a final over-arching 'Trial' one, which seems silly. So as far as The Patient Centurion is concerned 'Trial of a Timelord' is one story.

The plan is to watch everything by Saturday afternoon and try and get the blog up before I go away for a few days well-earned holiday sans Doctor Who. When I get back we shall be ready to take on Sylvester McCoy's era.

The shortness of Colin Baker's tenure as the Sixth Doctor really hits home when you realise that he's only got four stories left. The 45 minute experiment is over, which is a shame as I quite like that format and Trial of a Timelord reverts to 25 minute episodes and a tweaked version of the theme tune (one of my favourites actually).

I will probably use Twitter to pass comment on episodes as I go through them. If I have the energy. You'll find me there as Lokster71.

So...Trial of a Timelord. Here we come.

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